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Fluid Management

GTP is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of Automotive Fluid Management and systems components. We have the experience, expertise and capability to provide your program with the best, most cost-effective systems possible. Our dedication to producing high-quality, cost-competitive products has allowed for nearly forty years of growth and product expansion making GTP one of the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

Oil Caps

Oil Fill Caps have been a segment of significant growth for GTP. Our focus includes utilizing resins resistant to corrosive liquids and high-heat environments. Oil Fill Caps also incorporate proprietary sealing components that meet performance specifications. GTP utilizes Laser Etching, Pad Printing and Hot Stamping to identify the engine oil type and viscosity requirements to ensure proper oil usage for proper engine lubrication.

Oil Fill Tubes

Engine Oil Fill Tubes must have superior chemical resistance, temperature resistance, strength, stiffness and toughness. It is attached to the engine and experiences high temperatures during vehicle operation. The Oil Fill Tube must also be able to withstand the torque applied during Oil Cap removal and reattachment. The GTP Team utilizes years of engine component experience and works with its material suppliers and OEM customers to create optimal Engine Oil related parts.

Oil Galley Plugs

An internal engine component, the Oil Galley Plug sends oil from the oil pump to the oil filter boss and seal the galley so oil does not gush into the back cover of the engine, diverting the flow of oil in the engine block where is it needed.  Oil Galley Plugs are another example of GTP working with OEM Engineering and material suppliers to identify suitable materials for this type of high-heat, chemically-resistant application.  


Plastics are well suited for Air/Fuel Management applications because they can reduce costs/weight, dampen noise and vibrations, provide chemical and corrosion resistance, improve engine efficiency and also have excellent sealing properties. Focused on the manufacture of Quick Connects, Vacuum Blocks, Air Intake Manifolds, Coolant Valves/Housings and Coolant Bypass Tubes,  GTP utilizes their extensive material and engineering knowledge to assist their OEM and Tier customers achieve cost, weight and space reduction targets on a multitude of parts that make up the fuel, cooling and air intake systems.