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Safety Critical

Saving Lives

GTP supports the major Tier 1 Safety System suppliers to the OEM’s in saving lives. This includes producing and supplying critical components used in Passive Safety Systems (Airbags/Seatbelts). These components are produced using required high-performance engineered resins are are required to maintain very tight tolerances and meet high-performance impact requirements.  

To help satisfy the requirements needed for these safety-critical components, GTP utilizes an extensive APQP Process. We begin with encouraging collaborative engineering with our customers using the latest in design and simulation software  to evaluate part and mold design prior to proceeding to production tooling.  This includes Mold Flow Analysis to simulate the flow of the plastic material for optimum product quality and dimensional stability.  

Seatbelt Components

Seatbelts help to secure and protect the driver and passengers from injury or even death in the event of a collision. The components GTP produces for the Seatbelt System include; Retractor Covers, Stoppers, Web Stop Buttons,  Retainers, Adjusters, Bolt Covers, Gears, Webbing Guides, Loop Covers and Buckle Release Buttons.   

Airbag Components

Airbags are inflatable cushions built into vehicle to help protect occupants from hitting the vehicle interior or objects outside of the vehicle during a collision. GTP produces C-Channels, Housings and Brackets used in Airbag Assemblies. Future plans include producing Covers for Driver, Passenger, Knee and Side Airbags.  

High-Precision Molding

Safety critical parts have tight-tolerance requirements and require high-precision or  tight-tolerance precision molding. GTP has expanded its current capabilities to employ smaller tonnage tight tolerance injection precision molding to meet these requirements. 

In-Process Control & Mistake Proofing

GTP utilizes RJG Technology (eDart System) for added process control and to allow for the improvement of molding quality and productivity.  In-process automation and mistake proofing is also used to help in in-process control. GTP’s in-house automation utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in automation and error-proofing secondary assembly operations.  


GTP offers high cavitation injection molding for smaller, higher volume, precision parts. Close collaboration between our engineering, manufacturing and tooling sources is required and GTP has the expertise and experience to support successful high cavitation production.