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In August of 2017 GM approached GTP and asked if we could support an engine cover program for the 2020 Mid Engine Corvette.  GM needed a competent full service organization to support their change in plans.  GTP developed a plan, had the final design approved in September, was sourced in October, delivered first article in March 2018, and PPAP’d the cover in June 2018.  This timeline demonstrates how the focused efforts of the total GTP Team results in successful program execution.

ClientGeneral Motors
Platform2020 Corvette

Engine Covers

GTP is a pioneer in developing and supplying Engine Covers to the Major OEM’s. Our material and engineering experts work hand-in-hand with OEM engineers to develop Engine Covers capable of withstanding and even absorbing the high heat temperatures that can be generated by the engine. We don’t stop there, we continue our collaboration with the OEM Appearance Studios on Class A surfaces adding hot foil and pad printing for enhanced appearance. GTP can even manufacture Engine Covers with the OEM emblem or logo for brand identification.  

The end result are Engine Covers that not only look good, they also provide superior high heat resistance, lighter weight, superior strength-to-weight ratios, better fatigue properties, warp resistance and dimensional stability.

In-Process Automation and Error Proofing

To maintain  Zero PPM, GTP utilizes RJG Technology (eDart System) for added process control and to allow for the improvement of molding quality and productivity.  In process automation and mistake proofing is also used to help in in-process control. GTP’s in-house automation utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in automation and error-proofing secondary assembly operations.  Examples include; vision systems, bar code reading, PLC programming and electro-pneumatic controls. This further eliminates the chances of any defective products reaching our customers.

Engine Fuel Rail Covers

Similar to Engine Covers, the function of Fuel Rail Covers is to further enhance the underhood aesthetics by covering the fuel rail system and serve to reduce the noises that can be produced by the Fuel Injection System. Other hoses, wiring, and tubing can also be routed under the Fuel Rail Covers to further make the engine compartment look less cluttered. Fuel Rail Covers must also withstand the same high heat temperatures and perform similar to the Engine Covers. As a Direct Tier 1 supplier of Fuel Rail Covers to the OEM’s GTP employs the same development approach to Fuel Rail Covers as we do for Engine Covers.