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GTP employs scientific injection molding which is a disciplined approach to determine and control the optimum injection molding parameters, to produce consistent quality molded parts at a lower overall cost. Using scientific molding techniques, GTP establishes consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters based on predictable facts and data


GTP has maintained a full-service in-house tool room for over 30 years which has grown and expanded to meet the needs of our current and future customers. We have a dedicated engineering, production and maintenance team that has extensive experience in tool building and the fabrication of flexible automation systems.

GTP Quality

GTP’s commitment to customer service is supported by our sophisticated Quality Management System which mandates a strict compliance with outlined policies and procedures. There are many steps that go into making a high-quality plastic injection molded product or part, many of which happen before production even begins. 


GTP’s customers benefit from our ability and expertise to perform many post-molding operations. Technology allows us to supply more than just a component bulk packed in a box. Whether it is a simple operation or a fully automated assembly cell, GTP has the capability to provide quality and reliability at a low cost. Molding, assembly, tooling and automation  under the same roof allows us to provide products with enhanced quality, shortened lead-times, and through a simplified supply-chain.


GTP engineering optimize mold designs prior to manufacturing to eliminate trial and error. This provides accuracy in validating before production (product/ design/ process) and helps you get your products to market faster.