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Mold Flow Analysis

GTP engineering optimize mold designs prior to manufacturing to eliminate trial and error. This provides accuracy in validating before production (product/ design/ process) and helps you get your products to market faster.

  • Material Viscosity Curves
  • Process Parameters & Simulation
  • Melt Flow Simulation
  • Shrink, Warp, Flatness and Concetricity
  • Molecular Orientation

Design for Manufacturing

GTP utilizes Design for Manufacturing (DfM) methodology to align engineering and production during the design phase to help ensure cost/time efficiencies, superior quality, regulatory compliance and end-user satisfaction are all met. This allows GTP to identify and address problems early in the development process to prevent costly issues that could impact manufacturability, raw material selection, tolerances and secondary processing. GTP has the technical expertise and experience required for successfully executing DfM for complex applications.

Whether your application is automotive, industrial or another industry, as an experienced molder, GTP will work with you on DfM to provide up-front feedback to help improve costs, part quality and meet specifications. GTP takes the full-team approach to DfM for plastic parts including; tool makers, manufacturing engineers, tooling engineers, designers and quality engineers.

On-Site Customer Engineering Support

We encourage collaborative engineering and product development between GTP and our customers. GTP can provide on-site engineering support full or part time at your location. This ensures best practices in design for manufacturing allowing for superior end product quality and cost effectiveness.