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Quality Systems

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GTP’s commitment to customer service is supported by our sophisticated Quality Management System which mandates a strict compliance with outlined policies and procedures. There are many steps that go into making a high-quality plastic injection molded product or part, many of which happen before production even begins. The quality planning process is one of these crucial steps and it involves rigorous analysis to ensure the best possible design, materials and production processes are being used for our customers application. We practice rigorous Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and complete Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), both which are key to manufacturing “consistent high quality” components. This includes early customer engagement as a key to success. Our Quality Engineers work with customers to establish tolerances, develop validation testing and work in concert with our manufacturing group and suppliers to identify product improvement opportunities.   Having a team of experienced quality engineers to plan and oversee this phase is critical for efficient optimized production and at GTP we also involve and draw upon the experience of our engineering, manufacturing, program management and purchasing experts for their input.

As a result, our quality systems and plastic injection molding processes provide consistent and exceptional results which are evident by our zero PPM record and exceptional KPIs

Quality Awards

GTP’s internal quality systems and plastic injection molding processes provide consistent and exceptional results. Paired with GTP’s unmatched commitment to quality, zero defect culture, on-time delivery, and customer support is all a hallmark of our operating philosophy.  As a result, one of GTP’s customers, GM,  has recognized GTP for its efforts and continued commitment  to their success by awarding the company with the coveted “GM Supplier of the Year” award four times with two years running back-to-back. GTP has also been awarded numerous Quality Excellence Awards, Platinum Performance and Gold Performance awards from GM.  

In-Process Inspection

GTP utilizes the latest technology in automated in-process inspection using optical inspection methods which allow us to quickly and accurately measure and statistically evaluate critical dimensions during the manufacturing process. We have invested significantly in vision systems, laser scanners, barcode scanning and other quality control tools to mitigate the potential to ship improper parts.  Furthering the use of automation and the latest technology allows GTP to automate the in-process inspection system, removing the human interface and removing any variation in the measurement system.


Lean Manufacturing/7S

Responsibility for the production of high-quality injection molded parts starts with our seasoned team of Production and Quality Control personnel and is aided by the Lean Manufacturing Tools & Systems we have in place for them.  Our production environment is divided into Individually-led team-based structure that allows for enhanced operator specialization within our product mix. Each Production Team Member develops a high degree of expertise with regard to customer quality expectations.  This translates to enhanced rates of detection and correction for any quality concerns that arise.

These robust Quality Control systems allow our dedicated team of Customer Service Specialists to meet the needs of our customers by shipping product that is not only of the highest quality, but is also produced and delivered to the requested schedule. We deliver the right parts, on time, every time.

Grand Traverse Plastics 5S/7S

Removing unnecessary tools and materials from a workspace. Only what is needed at a given station should be kept there; this frees up space for the rest of the process.

Set in Order

Carefully organizing the materials and tools that remain after the Sort step: “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Organized work spaces can be used more efficiently and effectively.


Routine cleaning of the work area, tools, and equipment. A clean work area prevents clutter or dirt from hiding potential problems, and improves the working life of equipment.


Documenting what’s being done so those improvements can be shared across the facility and into the future. This makes the new approach part of normal business.


It is the Policy of Automation Plastics Corporation to commit the effort and resources necessary to ensure the shipment of products that meet or exceed the Quality Standards expected by our customers.


Changing and maintaining the corporate culture with employee engagement at all levels.


An organization that prioritizes Safety experiences dividends in terms of credibility, caring, compassion, and respect. These attributes of a world class organization are key to a culture of continuous improvement and the empowerment of people