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Lights Out Manufacturing

Coming in January 2021, GTP will offer high-precision, high-cavitation lights out manufacturing in our newly converted "Plant 3"


Safety critical, electronic components, fuel system products, steering systems and drivetrain components have tight-tolerance requirements and require high-precision or tight-tolerance injection molding.

GTP is currently expanding its capabilities to include smaller tonnage tight-tolerance precision injection molding to further enhance the support we provide to our customers.  

Lights Out Manufacturing

Our Lights-out manufacturing will allow GTP to run “lights-out” or without substantial assistance from human labor.  This will also enable GTP to keep the facility running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need of multiple workforce shifts allowing for larger orders to be completed quickly. 

In-Process Vision Inspection

GTP will employ fully automated in-process vision inspection. The quality requirements associated with high precision injection molding necessitates the use of high speed and highly reliable systems for part inspection. Vision inspection uses high speed cameras to take images of parts and measure critical characteristics throughout the entire work cycle.