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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a growing part of the passenger vehicle industry due to improved technology, customer interest in reducing carbon footprints, and EV Batteries are the key determinant of both the range and cost of the vehicle.  GTP is currently in co-development with various OEMs to produce electric vehicle battery components.

The entire team at GTP sees the emerging EV Battery module protection system as a natural fit.  The company’s core manufacturing competencies in injection molding components and assemblies along with our automotive experience are already aligned to fit this segments strategic needs. Thus, GTP is leveraging their automotive injection molding expertise and experience to co-develop EV Battery Modules and protection systems for OEMs and Battery manufacturers.  GTP can provide support from early prototype development (3D printing) through production.  

Wire Channels

GTP has years of experience in producing and supplying injection molded Wire Channels to the major OEMs and tier suppliers.  Whether it is an already developed component or early in the development stage, GTP works with customer’s engineering and material teams to help determine the right material for the application/environment.

GTP uses the latest technology to further enhance the turn-around time, reduce costs and increase the quality of the products we produce and supply.