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Critical Function

Key design and manufacturing considerations need to be taken into account for Critical Function plastic injection molded parts and components. GTP works with their customers early on in the product development phase to help conquer the toughest challenges faced in designing and manufacturing parts and components serve a critical function.

Challenges include:

  • Selecting appropriate materials to avoid issues in multiple mechanical and molding properties
  • Avoiding undercuts that prevents proper ejection and other obstacles
  • Allowing for sufficient draft to eliminate part removal problems
  • Aligning wall thickness with part functionality
  • Gating issues, specifically the wrong type, size or location
  • Problematic knit lines that originate in design and mar end product

GTP has the experience, expertise, technology, equipment, resources, and the proper processes and procedures in place required to overcome these and other challenges in production and supplying a Critical Function part capable of meeting and exceeding the requirements and environment for which it is designed to fit.


Pulleys are a Metal-to-Plastic application requiring tight tolerances, with critical dimensions and molded with materials capable of withstanding the heat and stress of the engine compartment and critical industrial conveyors. This is a growing segment for GTP and has allowed us to extend our expertise in injection molding to include high-precision injection molded Pulleys. Using our expertise and experience, GTP works with OEM and Tier customers in developing and manufacturing thermoplastic Pulleys using the right materials, tooling, process and machinery.